Think Big. Go Big. Find a Champ!

Young Rock Star in Training
Photo Source: Jonathan Kos-Read via Flickr. Licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0.

Kat Kelly – You may find this shocking, but I think a lot about thinking. Huh? By that I mean about how the way we think affects our ability to visualize.

This is closely related to visualization and positive affirmations. But, it is even a more basic concept than that.

Barry Spilchuk, author in the Chicken Soup for the Soul series, whom I absolutely love and adore even though I’ve never actually met him personally, shared a post from on Facebook.

“Thinking BIG but acting small is the same as thinking small.” The Universe,

As a big thinker/vision type of person, I have always been able to see grandiose things. Growing up I pictured myself on stage in front of thousands of people living like a rock goddess. That is what I wanted to do and I never had a back-up plan.

It may have scared my mother, but I promised her that I would “never have a desk job.” Ok, I was wrong on that one and we will explore why in future posts. But, she really encouraged me to reel in my thinking. So, I did.

What if she encouraged the big thinking to go even bigger? Back then I was a songwriter and singer, but I was painfully shy to perform my work in public. But, what if I had a champion to help nurture that in me and grow that?

I have long thought that it would not have taken me nearly 20 years to begin to leap into doing my own thing; into believing in myself. You see, my mom really meant well by encouraging me to reel in my big dreams and focus on looking the part and making myself fit so I could join the ranks of corporate America. But, what she did was instill in me a limited belief. She was nudging me to think smaller, which is what I did.

Now, here I sit in my mid-40’s, trying to catch up. I have often felt a little delayed when it comes to taking risks and finishing what needs to be finished. I am someone who really thrives on having a champion by my side, or a believer. Thanks to my ex of 14 years, I finished both my undergrad and graduate degrees among other things. So, while our relationship may have not been forever, the impact was incredible.

This isn’t designed to be another ‘it’s my parents’ fault’ piece. But, it is important to know that even those who love us the most can have the best intentions that impact us in contracting ways. Please, pay attention to the messages you take in and the messages you share.

No matter who you are, we all need our champions. Find yours. Don’t waste another moment thinking you can’t do something you want to. Find your champion. Find your believers. Tell your haters to hush and take a step towards those big dreams every single day. It may take you 50 years, but you are moving in the right direction.


Kat Kelly is obsessed with thinking bigly. Always. And yes, she doubts herself a whole lot. But, she insists on moving forward.