It’s Time to Be Your Best Self and to Do Your Best Work

Photo Source: Heidi Fin, @framesbyfin, via Unsplash.

Welcome to Live Locus.

This is where you can connect with people who have been in your shoes and get the guidance to help you bring your truth to power.

Here you can find some tools, tips, tricks and links as you’re setting your sights on the next version of you.

Also, you can connect directly with Kat Kelly or Jillene Marie for coaching, consulting, mediating, and/or mentoring.

We are excited to offer personal work that can help you align your longer term vision, take the next step, begin planning, move from planning to action, or calm any anxious energy that may be holding you back.

We can also work with your business on assessing your customer experience, examining your marketing strategy, and evaluating your DEI efforts.

Each of our engagements is fully customized to your needs. For more information, contact us via the form on this page and we will get back to you quickly.