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What is Vexteo?      @Vexteo

We are you. Say what?

Yes, you read that right. Each one of us has stories, experiences, learnings, and knowledge to share. Vexteo believes that we can lift one another up and set ourselves free by sharing those stories. We are the world’s first grassroots peer2peer inspiration and storytellers’ platform.

Born in Atlanta, Georgia in 2011, Vexteo has been slowly churning and reinventing itself in order to provide a safe place for artists, creatives, and new creators to share, regardless of format – whether voice, audio, imagery, text, or video. Vexteo will evolve as our creators evolve.

Founded by a media junkie and fanned by an incurable optimist, our goal is to inspire, encourage, and ensure that we leave no dreams of creativity unexplored in each person with which we connect.

You won’t find comments or ratings on content on Vexteo. We aim to share without judgement.

Our passion is sharing others’ stories. Please join us.

Vexteo…these are your stories…

Who is Vexteo?      #VXTCrew

You are. Truly. Vexteo is about you. And them. And all of us. But, peek behind the curtain and here are the faces of the folks getting this thing rolling…

Kat Kelly: Founder

About Vexteo| Kat Kelly: President and Founder of Vexteo Media GroupKat Kelly has been a media junkie since she started her first newsletter at the ripe age of six. Growing up, Kat wanted to be a rock-star, but traded it in for the need to make ends meet and desk-jockeying.

A late bloomer in her professional development and educational pursuits, she was often afraid to take the risks to put herself at the forefront of things about which she felt passionately. Determined to help others not make those mistakes and not put their dreams on hold, Kat’s dream is to help content creators take the leap and develop their stories, no matter what the format.

Kat feels lucky to have had the opportunity to build, grow, and nurture strong brands. Prior to founding Vexteo, Kat served as the Vice President of Media and Marketing for Discovery Communications.

In her time with Discovery, Kat was responsible for developing digital-native talent from the HowStuffWorks and Discovery organizations. She and her team helped launch, brand, and grow the HowStuffWorks line of podcasts. She also worked across multiple disciplines to develop and execute strategies to grow brand awareness, audience loyalty, and consumption through advertising, online and offline marketing, public relations, social media, partnerships, internal and external communications.

“Back in the old days,” as she calls them, Kat worked in both the agency and technology arenas overseeing marketing programs and brands. When she first landed in Atlanta, she spent four years with Creative Loafing Media Group and helped lead the 30+ year old newsweekly into the digital age.

Kat has a Master of Arts in journalism/strategic communication from the University of Missouri – Columbia and a Bachelor of Arts in journalism/public relations from Georgia State University.

You can find her @vexteo. Vexteo is her labor of love. She hopes you love it too…

Anna Leary: Director of Editorial Operations

About Vexteo| Anna Kelly-Leary: Director of Editorial OperationsAnna Leary is an incurable optimist and is truly passionate about helping others share their story to inspire others.

Anna’s call from early childhood was simply to help people. She spent a big chunk of her teen years doing volunteer work, which led to heading service groups on her college campus. In college, she was bitten by the writing bug and has been looking for ways to build her craft ever since.

Anna graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Arts from Reinhardt University and landed her first job as an editor at a publishing company. While she absolutely loved the work of editing, she moved into the world of non-profits where she could combine her passions.

She spent time with two strong non-profits in Atlanta, including an AIDS service organization and one of the largest food banks in the country. In both roles, she worked in events management, fundraising, and processing donations. Doing this kind of work fed her soul.

Since that time, Anna has been the wrangler of two amazing children and a house-full of craziness. While momming and keeping the home under control, Anna has also done communications and fundraising consulting for Atlanta-area non-profits.

These days, Anna is excited to turn her professional focus toward Vexteo and help others share their stories.

Anna and family, including two kids, four cats, and fluffy dog, live and love outside of Atlanta, GA. You can find her periodic external thoughts (when Kat’s not rambling) @vexteo.