Share Your Stories. Inspire Our World.

There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside of you.Call for Submissions — Vexteo is the world’s first grassroots peer2peer inspiration and storytellers’ platform.

We believe that all of our stories are woven together in subtle, yet powerful ways and together we can lift one another up. Whether in written form, video, imagery, or audio, Vexteo’s platform provides the connective tissue that unites us through our experiences and stories.

Whether you are a new creator or a seasoned artist, Vexteo wants to be part of your journey.

We are building out our network as quickly as possible. Currently, we are largely focused on short form (400-600 words) written content. We would also love to hear about any audio, video, photo, or other types of content you would like to share as we actively expand our offering.

Please send text submissions and ideas you would like us to consider to: [email protected] .

Our goal is to publish content without judgment, so you won’t find reviews or comments turned on within our platform. We also don’t pay for articles, so what you find will be authentic and real creators looking to grow their reach, audiences, and voice.

We don’t need the content to be exclusive to us, but you must own the rights to the content and any imagery you send. If you don’t send an image, we will add one, but we’d love to highlight your own imagery.

What we need from you:

  • Your name.
  • How you would like to be listed on your work as a VXT Contributor.
  • Any photo credit info.
  • Your written piece (or a high-level overview of your pitch).
  • Two to three sentences about you and/or your business.
  • A link (if any) to where you would like our audience to learn more about you or how to reach you.
  • And lastly, by submitting content to [email protected] you agree to our terms here (please be on the lookout for an email confirming this).

Thank you for joining us in our journey. We look forward to being part of yours.

Vexteo. These are your stories…