Weekly Five: 04/17/15

Weekly Five 041715

This Weekly Five is totally and beautifully random and we love it. Here are the five things this week that we are totally digging:

  1. Using vinegar, Epsom salt, and some dish detergent to kill weeds. So many, many, many weeds… It’s been rainy this week but once we start to dry out, we’ll be attacking our backyard with this vinegar mixture with a vengeance because yes Virginia, it really does work!
  1. The Comfort Revolution cooling pillow. It’s almost summer. We’re in the south. This cooling pillow is a true game changer for sweet tea dreams.
  2. Garlicky, cheesy, absolutely delicious French bread from our local Farmers Market favorite that only half of us can eat, Annie’s Baking. Sadly, their only online presence is their woefully out-of-date Facebook page and that makes me sad. Just imagine how incredibly good Annie’s authentic French baking truly is!
  3. We LOVE self-help books—and author Louise Hay is at the top of my favorite self-help author list. I get her email newsletter daily and generally devour it. I love her affirmations and how she is utterly confident that no matter what has happened in our lives, we can always strive to do more, be more, and heal our hearts. Today’s topic was mirror work and I love it!
  4. We here at Vexteo LOVE Kickstarter. We love how crowdfunding has created an even playing field for those that want to bring their wares to market. This one is no different—especially since half our staff can’t eat the goodness that traditional cakes contain, so might we introduce you to Feel Good Cake? We are definitely supporters for this goodness!