The Anthology of My Childhood: Volume 2

White Collar Rejects
By Little Kathryn

I’m feeling out of place in a white collar world.
Rubbing elbows with the rich.
Sharing stories with the spoiled.

My mind’s eye wanders.
Every time I take a seat.
Is this 9-5 worth it?
Every day of the week.

A scary place. A happy face.
I know when I don’t fit in.
Drudge away.
Day after day.
So needs are met in the end.


Push and Pull of Crazy Love
By Little Kathryn

When I see the rain come I can only think of you.
Alone in a suffering place and pray.
That you are feeling no pain.
Because I am hurting for the both of us now.

Wishing that you’re smiling with beautiful glowing eyes.
That were once there.
But now I can only envision a distance.
That we both share.

Well it won’t be long now.
No, it can’t be long now.
We’re just going to stop.
And do what we feel we have to.

The greatest gift of all.
Has been gifted to us.
The gift of knowing.
What we want to do.

But nobody is going to grant us the power on a silver platter.
We must extend our reach.
Our knowledge to succeed.

I taste your tears as I’m sitting here.
Knowing of the great burning desire.
That is grazing the surface.

Let’s just call it quits.
And get out of it what we will now.
Start putting into it.
Cause we surely don’t deserve this.


Angsty Girl
By Little Kathryn

You can lead a horse to water.
But you cannot make him drink.
You can take me for a fool.
But you can’t fool me.

So tired of being misguided.
No more misinformation will be spread.
This is one to one and all the while.
I thought it was one to everyone else.

At the time it was.
But it won’t be any more.
If we’re so weary now.
We should just do what we know is needed.

Little Kathryn is the budding rock star that never followed through. She is the childhood dream we all had that we traded in at some point. She is the reminder that we should never let go of those dreams. Vexteo is proud to publish Little Kathryn’s work and finally set those words free.

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