The Anthology of My Childhood: Volume 3


The Inner Voice of Self-Doubt
By Little Kathryn

Tried and tribulated.
Stylish in a peculiar way.
No exercises are good enough.
Nothing ever seems good enough.

For a weakening soul.
But it’s all that we have.
Keeps us holding on.
Through each day and night.
Calling softly like a cool wind.
Formulating my every movement.
Into a graceful, artistic sculpture.
No matter how troubling it ma yseem.

Everything cools me down.
Or gets me rolling.
Sure now I’ve gotten what I wanted.
But now I want more.

Just when you’ve made it.
You find that’s just not good enough.
For us.

Trailing behind I always feel it.
Tasted it right on the tip of my tongue.
But that isn’t good enough.
What will be more. More. More.


Why I Didn’t Last at My Bank Job
By Little Kathryn

Finally at last. It’s coming to me now.
And it’s easy to see why these things don’t come easily.
The mold just doesn’t fit and I can’t climb in.
Can’t be programmed to do all of this.

Perhaps intolerance is a blessing from above.
Or it’s just what I’m made of.
That ticks at an irregular speed inside of me.
And won’t allow functions in this environment.

It’s so easily told by the looks in their eyes.
When we pass and exchange glances.
All of them see the other side of me.

I can’t hide it.

It’s all over my face.


By Little Kathryn

Twenty miles high in a big ol’jet plane.
But my mind just keeps spinning.
With thoughts of pleasure and pain.

I always like to keep my feet.
Planted firmly on the ground.
Pay close attention to every sound.


What I Want to Hear
By Little Kathryn

Eight hundred miles behind and twenty miles down.
I lost my best friend.
Guess I lost her long ago.
I just don’t know.

Can’t wait to be home.
So, I can crawl into my bed.
I’ve got warming welcome visions.
Dancing in my head.

But I’m sad. So sad.
Because I lost you girl.

I lost you, didn’t I?

Seems like I lose everything that matters.
And then try very hard not to cry.
Devote to me.
Tell me you love me.

Little Kathryn is the budding rock star that never followed through. She is the childhood dream we all had that we traded in at some point. She is the reminder that we should never let go of those dreams. Vexteo is proud to publish Little Kathryn’s work and finally set those words free.