The Anthology of My Childhood: Volume 1

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Achieve. Believe. Proceed. Succeed.

By Little Kathryn

Wasn’t it you trying to tell me how to run my show?
Telling me of all the places I could go.
All the while compromising feelings.
We share different views on the same old news.

I can understand your helpful nature.
But, I’ve other things on my mind.
Things like the upward climb.

Sorry, but I feel like I owe you too much,
And I really can’t thank you enough.
For all the help you’ve lent me.
But, now is the time I need more than advice.
Some emotional support would be nice.
Life is not an if, but a when.

Gotta get away, just for a day.
To stop mind’s wheels from turning.
And to take a break before I’m beginning.
Can’t live and die without knowing.

All the things we could achieve.
If only we would believe.
The above has put us on Earth for a purpose.
And the goal in life is to proceed.
Take chances and try to succeed.

Patience and Frustration.

By Little Kathryn

Can’t bear to stand still. Stand to sit down.
Intolerant of anybody pushing me around.
If patience is a virtue.
I’ve been patient for so long
But, virtuous is not a selling feature.

Just have to grow strong on and on.
I like to make noise like shocking the house.
Can never stop running my mouth.
You’ve got to know when.
Yes, when to say stop.
Then full force ahead.
We’ll make it up to the top.

All the broken dreams.
Were childhood things.
Now we’re here to stay.
God help me to keep on.
To keep feeling warmth of light.
The promise of a new day.

I shake when I’m down.
Get kicked over and over.
Somehow I keep standing up again.
Frustration seems to be like an old friend.
Who stands at my side.
Takes every word I say.
And turns me into a fool….

Little Kathryn is the budding rock star that never followed through. She is the childhood dream we all had that we traded in at some point. She is the reminder that we should never let go of those dreams. Vexteo is proud to publish Little Kathryn’s work and finally set those words free.


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