We Are Always Looking for The Helpers

Photo Source: Matt Collamer via Unsplash.

Here at Vexteo, one of our key goals is to highlight our interconnectedness. We recognize that despite our differences we are all human and are more alike than different.

Every day there are people putting in the work to make a difference.

We are launching The Helpers to share the stories of the people and the organizations with their boots and wheels on the ground making our world a better place. In this new channel we are looking to give back by highlighting the work of individuals and organizations working for good.

Let us shout it from the rooftops! If you represent an organization doing great stuff, we want to know! Share your stories and send us organizations you love and we’ll ask them to share their goodness with our audience too: [email protected] .

*A quick note about the photo:

We loved this photo by Matt Collamer, @breakyourboundaries4, via Unsplash so much. He shared the following as the story behind the pic:

“I met Michael in a Boston subway station. I told him I liked his sign. ‘What matters is what it means to you,’ he told me. I asked what it meant to him. ‘Doing a deed or expressing kindness to another person without expecting anything in return,’ Michael said. I love approaching strangers wherever I go. Listening and talking to them teaches you about people and how similar we all are to one another. Just like Michael, we’re all seeking human kindness.”

And we believe that this is the good stuff…