Photo Source: Vexteo Media Group, LLC. Kat Kelly.

Kat Kelly – Here at Vexteo, we often talk about staying the course, not giving up, one step at a time, one foot in front of the other, and just about every other cliché you can imagine. We are huge proponents of staying the course and we have the “sticky notes of motivation” all over our homes and offices.

But, it is so easy to really lose sight of what all of that really means without tangible evidence. As a self-explorer-self-help-book-aficionado, I would love to share how one of those “A-HA” random moments really drove this point home for me.

While I was in the shower I started to think about the challenges that have come my way with the launch of Vexteo. It has certainly not been an easy road and there have been times (heck, there are still times) that I wonder if it just would make more sense to hang it up. But, I am truly driven by my passion for helping us all to live out loud and to share the influence of our collective voices.

While we’ve been working on the framework late at night and on the weekends all while working full time, raising kids, and trying to manage a home, it has taken years – yes, years – to get even a semblance of what my hopes for this brand is.

Of course, one of our biggest challenges is that we are a content company, but we have to have content to make that claim. While we are trudging right along with a few blogs here and there, my goal is not to be a blogger or a writer on the regular. My goal has always been to create the framework to give creators wings, not to flap my own wings.

But, as I was contemplating life over all things soap and shampoo, I thought about it like this: had the two of us that are working to get this puppy moving just written for 30 minutes a day, every single day, while we have been working with designers, developers, hosting platforms, etc….we would have a whole lot of content right now. Just doing a bit of rough math, we would have at least one thousand articles. That’s right, one thousand.

My point in sharing this is to note the importance of chipping away at your goals and dreams every single day. Never think that 30 minutes is not enough. It is enough. You are enough. So whatever “IT” is for you, even the tiniest steps can move you great distances. Think about where you want to be down the road and do small things each day to move you down that path.

As Daniel Coyle, author of “The Talent Code” noted, “Don’t look for the big, quick improvement. Seek the small improvement one day at a time. That’s the only way it happens—and when it happens, it lasts.” Such a true story…


Kat Kelly believes good things will happen and hopes you do too. Vexteo is one of her loves.