Beauty Rising from the Ashes

Photo Source: Massoud Hosna Rokh via Pexels.

Jessina DeMarco – There is a renowned saying which states that behind every dark cloud, there is a silver lining. In my experience, this certainly holds true.

May of 2001 earmarked one of the most incredible times of my life. It is in this month that I met my husband, Stephen.

After courting for one year, he proposed and I accepted. We shared an incredible life together. A life that I would liken to a fairytale marriage. I was living so many women’s dreams.

In 2007, it came to a devastating end, as I received grave news that immediately changed my life forever.

On a solemn Thursday afternoon, I received the most terrible news any wife could possibly imagine. After an alarming amount of time of him not being home, I heard the doorbell ring. I looked out of the bedroom window and saw a sheriff’s vehicle parked in front of our house.

I frantically ran downstairs to the front door, opened it only to see two deputy sheriffs standing there. They asked if they could come in. By this time, my whole body had grown numb and my stomach nauseated.

Knowing the answer to my question, I uttered, “is everything okay?” “Um, No!” was the response. They informed me that Steve had committed suicide. He had jumped from a building.

This was a moment I would not wish upon anyone. Everything that they communicated thereafter fell upon mute and incomprehensible ears. It is utterly overwhelming how life can literally change within 24 hours.

For my son and I, we had no choice but to be present with this reality, not knowing what direction we would be going in this life crisis. I had to sit with myself and ponder how I was going to pick up from that point and begin a new life for us.

As I sorted through each of the pieces, I knew I would have to change direction and also keep going.

Soon thereafter, I decided to go back to school and explore a new career. I thought deeply about the ideal profession to pursue. With my immense love of people and a need for flexible hours to be available for my son, I decided to become a licensed massage therapist.

I had always been told by people that I have healing hands. This life-altering shift reinforced that idea even more.

I had been a real estate agent at the time of Steve’s passing. But, with the real estate crash of 2007, that career would no longer suit me financially or emotionally. So, I began school full time at a college and obtained my massage certifications.

Upon graduating with honors, I completed my internship and initiated my new career. I resonated more with the medical side of therapeutic massage and practiced within that scope.

What was quite interesting is that helping others heal reciprocated and led me into my own self-healing journey. I later started my own independent practice, which became very successful.

The constant feedback clients and patients would give is that I have a gift of healing on many levels. I found myself experiencing a heightened awareness of the internal issues clients were dealing with as I intuitively learned how to scan their bodies before beginning any bodywork.

These spiritual gifts began to develop and increase. I began to experience clients getting out of wheelchairs, surgeries being canceled, and more. My fellow colleagues knew that I wasn’t just a massage therapist, but that I had “The Gift.”

It wasn’t long that I realized that this calling was not about massage therapy but was about helping people heal from the inside out. My mission and purpose took on a grander culture of wholeness.

Soon thereafter, inclined by these newfound spiritual gifts, I was introduced to Reiki energy healing. I began healing sessions for myself and soon obtained my attunements and became a Reiki Master.

In all of these shifts, I began to reflect back over my life from childhood. I have always felt as if I did not belong here. I experienced much isolation, loneliness, not fitting in, holding a deeper perspective on many subject matters, and being the black sheep of the family. It all began to make sense.

It was during this time when I had my spiritual awakening. It was a courageous decision I made to come out publicly to claim my independent spirituality. It was surely not easy walking away from church having come from a very religious family.

Up to this point, I had no one to support me besides fellow conscious friends and tribe families that I eventually connected with. We began to share with one another mystical experiences that we had over time. Some had been on their spiritual journey for years as others were just awakened recently.

I am very content with how my life is unfolding. I do not regret any of the opposition, presumed losses, or temporary setbacks. I have been fortunate to touch so many lives, literally and metaphorically, as a result of that pinnacle moment when I thought my life was all over. But, it was just the beginning of my divine purpose and journey.

In loving memory of my late husband, Stephen. Some may say that it is an insensitive statement, but I believe that if it hadn’t been for that defining, life altering event, I would not know who I am today. He liberated me.

It was quite the struggle, yet I turned the worst lemons into lemonade; paying it forward by bringing healing and inspiration to the world, one soul at a time.

I have been fortunate to take health, wellness, and well-being to the masses via podcasts, social media platforms and supporting mental health organizations across the United States.

I have been blessed with the honor and opportunity to get to know Me and my true self as a divine and sovereign Goddess, empowered by the highest energy, love.

For this, I am immensely grateful.


Jessina DeMarco is a licensed massage therapist, Reiki energy healer, and bodyworker. She is the owner of  Holistic Therapy by Jessina.  

If you are struggling with your mental health and having thoughts of harm or suicide, please call 988 via the 988lifeline.