Weekend Sanity with Some Sun and Sand

Photo Source; Vexteo Media Group, LLC.

Anna Leary – Sometimes we get so immersed in the minutae of life, in running errands and getting laundry completed, that we lose sight of our joie de vivre. We forget about our sense of adventure and things that recharge us.

Sometimes we just need to clear the calendar, pick a destination, and go. Laundry can wait and that trip to your run-of-the-mill big box store will wait a few more days.

We have our first child due in roughly six weeks and this weekend was it. A weekend away was mandatory just for a reset as it will likely be our last for quite a while.

We took a short drive to Hilton Head Island for the weekend and found our needed refuge in a beach chair under a big umbrella. We slept in, had a seafood dinner, and even witnessed a loud and boisterous wedding amidst the sand and surf.

I napped, read some from a book of no consequence, and was able to leave our everyday demands behind for just a little bit. What a glorious and refreshing feeling that is to be able to step away for a little bit and rest. Re-focus. Remember how grateful I am to be alive and to experience the mighty insistence and never-ending rhythm of the ocean.

And we head home and I feel ready to embrace the last few weeks of our daughter rocking and rolling in my belly. I know that soon I’ll reflect on beach pictures and smile as we’re sitting up all night with a hungry baby who would prefer to only sleep when the sun is out.


Anna Leary is the editorial director for Vexteo Media Group, but by the time you are reading this, she is likely wrangling her children and loving it.