United We Stand Through Stories We Share

Photo Source: Vexteo Media Group, LLC. Quote by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Kat Kelly – Feb. 15, 2017 – It’s a new day in the world. It’s our mission for Vexteo to be a source of inspiration and encouragement for people to feel comfortable to tell their stories, no matter what format they choose.

After the election of 2016, there is no denying that the country, and in many ways the world, seem more divided than ever.

Trust us. We feel it too.

This historically divisive environment has caused distress for many people from all walks of life for all kinds of reasons. We are not going to pretend it doesn’t exist. And we will continue to fight for what is right in our individual world for the good of humanity.

However, Vexteo is not the place for divisive messaging. We can share how we are personally impacted by the current climate without deliberately polarizing others. That will remain our vision and our goal as we navigate new waters.

Our mission statement is:

Vexteo Media Group is a new media launchpad that provides content creators a place to land while incubating new ideas and refining old ones. It is a safe place where creatives can overcome fears and hurdles that have held them back and give them the chance to take their work to the next level.

That is our goal. Humble and straightforward, born out of our own life experience. We want everyone to feel safe sharing their real-life stories and the lessons they have learned through those stories. We want to be a place where people share without judgement and can grow their audiences, followers, fans, connections, opportunities, and much more.

Regardless of your background or viewpoint, there is no denying that we are entering a new era. The polarization experienced over a political climate is one that many of us who have lived in the United States of America for our entire lives have never seen or felt before. However, it is Vexteo’s goal to find the commonalities, the connective tissue, and the touch points that bond us all together even when we feel like things may be falling apart.

In time this post will fade into the ether and will be somewhat of a time capsule of reflection of what types of things we had to consider in this time in history. Much the way many of us listen to the stories, read the tales, hear the transcripts, and watch the recordings of pivotal times in history and wonder what it was like.

This is exactly what it is like. It is up to each and every one of us to consider our impacts on each other. Here at Vexteo, we hope to make as positive an impact as possible even when things are hard.

Thanks for reading. These are our stories. These are your stories….


Kat Kelly is the founder of Vexteo Media Group and believes that we all have a story inside of us just begging to be told.