So Distracted…Squirrel!

squirrel with copper colored fur

So, I started writing this on a Thursday and tried to wrap it up on the following Monday. I am guessing that since this is going to be a fairly short post, there is a whole lot of irony in that. But, hey, it was a busy few days.

Admittedly, I’m probably diagnosably ADD Back when I was a bit younger they did not call it ADD though, because I was just really creative. For a great number of my years it was a real challenge. I have spent my entire life trying to find ways to work with it and to work around it. So far, so good for the most part. Books like, Steven Covey’s The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People have helped. Mental note: go back and reread it, stat!

There really are times when the distractions win. Recently, it is more often than not because there has been a lot going on. In every way, I am trying to be engaged and “on.” With a new baby, a wonderful marriage, a job that pays the bills, a home, a start-up about which I am uber passionate, trying to take better care of myself, processing the loss of my mother and my oldest brother, sorting through my mother’s belongings, obsessing about every little thing, being an accidental landlord on two vacant rental properties in slower-to-bounceback neighborhoods, just to name a few things; lately the A.D.D. struggle has been very real.

I sometimes look at people who do not have as much going on and I get a little jealous. That’s the stuff that goes inside my head and my partner in life and crime constantly reminds me that “everybody has stuff going on, you just can’t always see it.” Have I mentioned I wear my heart on my sleeve? Or at the very least, I wear my heart in my social media presence?

I will not passive-aggressive status update.

I will not passive aggressive status update.

I will not pa…


Why are we all so busy? Why can we not focus our attention anymore? What is that doing to our ability to stay connected to the fundamentals of being human? Why the heck am I writing about being distracted when I can’t even remember the point I was trying to make? #honesty.

So, what’s my point? I don’t know. At least not right now. I will probably remember at 4 am. But for now, let’s sum it up by noting that if you’re trying to write an article on how distraction interferes with your day and you are too distracted to finish it or remember why you were writing, it may be time to slow it down and take a little stock. I am going to do that. Right after I check the texts that just came in to my phone…

Photo, altered by Tabea Kringelbokeh