Eminem, Tim McGraw, and You

Photo Source: WEZL. Licensed under CC BY 2.0.

Kat Kelly — “Guess who’s back. Back again.” No, not Slim Shady, although you know we have a whole bunch of love for Eminem, so on that note enjoy the diddy here.

Ok, now that the jam is out of the way you may be wondering why the calendar has flipped years since the last time we sent you a dose of Periodic Coolness. Well, we’ve had Vexteo under construction. It’s taken a good bit longer than we planned, but we’re so glad to be getting back in the driver’s seat.

So much coolness has passed on by while we were not randomly spewing on here. But, we will catch up. In the meantime, Anna launched a new business and is learning the ins and outs of building that up. If you need a new laptop cover, check out her very first original product here, the Simple Sleeve.

Tim McGraw recently launched one of the coolest things ever. As an extension of his incredible song, Humble and Kind, he’s created a movement designed to pay it forward. Stay Humble and Kind encourages everyday people to perform random acts of kindness. But, it takes the random act one step farther and allows the kindness-giver to order kindness cards and encourage everyone to pass it on. We cannot say enough about how much love we have for this. We will definitely be rambling about this awesomeness often.

On an even more personal note, I cannot tell you how glad we are to be back. Vexteo is ready to roll. It’s ready to kick it up a notch. So, we are looking for your stories. We are looking for your feedback.

As the world’s first grassroots peer2peer inspiration and storytellers’ platform, our aim is to help free the words, videos, images, audio, and more that sometimes gets stuck inside of each and every one of us. You see, our belief is that Oprah is incredible and inspiring. But, guess what? So are you.

So, not to get too sappy on you, but while we are working out a few of the kinks, please let us know what you would like to see and please consider sharing some of your stories with us.

You can submit your story to to stories@vexteo.com.

Until next time, stay cool!


Kat Kelly is the founder of Vexteo, loves all kinds of music, and really does believe in staying #HumbleAndKind.