All the Good in Your ‘Hood is On Its Way

Photo Source: ©Canva. Used with Permission. All Rights Reserved.

See, we were not kidding when we told you we were scrappy!

We are truly a labor of love, built from the ground up and 100% grassroots. While we are trying to get a little wind beneath our wings and some momentum to create a snowball effect, for now, it’s just us. And we need you!

The Localist is the regional arm of Vexteo that will touch us in key cities around the U.S. Eventually, we would love to take on the world, but for now we are starting here. A few cities on our radar:

Atlanta / Chicago / Austin / Philadelphia / New York / Miami / Los Angeles /

San Francisco / Seattle / ….and more.

But, we’ve got to start somewhere. For now that is the dream and the vision for what The Localist will become. Check back often and if you want to kickoff your city, just let us know by shooting us a note at!

It only takes five pieces of goodness in your neighborhood and we can take it live. So, tell us what you love in your town. Top five or ten restaurants, touristy sites, chill zones, and more. We are looking for what you love about your city.

Until then….keep an eye on us!