Following a Rainbow and Finding Kesha, Part 2

Photo Source: Brian Gibbins. Double Rainbow in Isla Roatan, Honduras - April 2016.

Brian Gibbins – If you missed it: Following a Rainbow and Finding Kesha, Part 1


First single, Die Young. Hmmm, another YOLO anthem? Perhaps. Apparently there was also grief over this song because it could be misinterpreted by children who were not otherwise guided properly. If I’m being honest with myself, I would probably agree that some of the lyrics could have been changed. Musically and lyrically it was catchy though. “…It’s pretty obvious that you’ve got a crush, That magic in your pants, it’s making me blush…”

Speaking of blushing… Gold Trans Am. I can listen to it, just not around women in my family. Is it because I worry that the song is degrading to women? Or because I’m uncomfortable with the raw sexuality of the song contrasted with her (relative to my) age? The strong drum beat and fusion guitar provide the platform for some seriously sex-filled not-so-innuendo. Oh my.

Crazy Kids and C’mon continued the same themes Kesha started in the first release. Still a party girl on the surface with quick quips of deep insight into the psyche of similarly minded young people.

Hello, whoever you are, Are you dancing on the dance floor or drinking by the bar? …Tonight we do it big, and shine like stars

Dirty Love features Iggy Pop, of Iggy Pop fame. Do you remember how much sh!t Miley Cyrus got for singing Every Rose with Axl? That (perceived) scandal has nothing on this one. If one must assume that they are singing it to one another, then you are just going to have to get over it. This is rated explicit for a reason. Turn it up.

Thinking Of You is what happens when Kesha dates one of Taylor Swift’s ex-boyfriends. They probably should have compared experiences and collaborated. Imagine what Tay’s expression would be when Kesha belted out some of the stuff she comes up with, you know… stuff about his manly bits. Not that I have any idea, I don’t actually know any of them.

Wrapping up thoughts on Kesha’s 2nd release I can certainly see progression in the music itself. From more of a dance collection to music that lends itself to sounding like anthems with driving beat and message laden lyrics.

By this time I had become a bit of an animal and started intentionally looking for the next release and searching for remixes of existing tracks.

Stick with me as my next installment covers Rainbow and bringing my young Animals to see Kesha in concert…

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