Bees Knees and the Creepy Honey Stalkers


Every Thursday night in the summer I try to make a little time to head to my local farmers market. Whether I need anything or not, it’s an amazing way to feel connected to my community.

Over the past couple of years, our household has found a few favorites there. We’ve learned where the best eggs come from, met a bunch of baby goats, can tell you which food trucks will make it, and know who has the most amazing glutinous gluten goodies east of the Mississippi (check Anna’s fond reflection of that here). But, there’s one vendor that we’ve come to get some extra warm fuzzies for; it’s the guy we call “the honey man.”

I think we’ve spent a small fortune in his stand over the past couple of years. From wildflower, to buckwheat, to orange blossom, and from some honey flavor sticks that I swore by this past spring, we may have gone a little cuckoo for the bees’ creations.

You see, it’s not about the honey. It’s about this man’s passion. You can literally tell he loves his bees. He’s passionate about his product. When you buy something, he puts it in a little bag with an info sheet on the health benefits of honey and then reminds you to save your empties to get a credit when you bring them back. Of course, we just trade our empties for those little honey sticks.

Being the certified geek that I am, I’ve gotten a little crazy and done some research on his company. In that process I learned that the owner is the vice president of the Georgia Beekeepers Society among several other titles that he holds.

Now before you go and think we’re getting all creepy, and I’ve lost my marbles, this is really a quick anecdote that I wanted to share. This is about finding energy when you encounter someone who is living their true passion. Who really researches their favorite bee guy? Well, I do.

It’s not about the honey. I mean, don’t get me wrong, the honey is good and you can order some for yourself with Castle Rock Honey, but it’s about those moments where you see someone literally living what they love. I feel like when I encounter this gentleman, his love and enthusiasm oozes from his pores. And well, who doesn’t love seeing that? Isn’t that something that we all strive for? When I encounter him, he inspires me to stay focused on my own passions.

So, for now, pour me a cup of tea with honey. I’ve got bottles to return and some cinnamon honey sticks to pick up!

Photo by Purple Sherbet Photography